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Hey! No I actually haven’t been asked that before actually. :) I find it incredibly dumb and ridiculous that people are doing that. It’s almost like they’re upset that Bolin isn’t “perfect” and Mr. Nice Guy, which really, really annoys me to no end. Bolin is a character generally loved by the fandom, and it doesn’t surprise me that some people are upset that he made a mistake. *OH NO WHAT A NIGHTMARE. UGH. But you’re right. Some people seem to have forgotten the fact that Bolin isn’t—*GASP!1!!1*—perfect, he is flawed just like every single other character in TLOK and ATLA. And no, making a mistake does not cause him to be irredeemable as a character. In fact, it would be a thousand times worse if he didn’t make any mistakes. People can be stupid and overly dramatic. >_>

*see what i did there? lol

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