Day 2: Fierce


You have always been strong, unyielding, fearless…

My aura has never been pinker!

So young, to be fighting so many.


i’m actually just sitting here practically tearing up at how in love i am with korra i just love her so so so much what a beautiful perfect person in every way so real and so inspiring and i just i want to hug you and kiss you and love you forever you are a gem a god you make me not feel alone in who i am you remind me that strength is more important than fear and that the shit people say about you isn’t fucking important because you are yourself you are a goddess and a badass bitch and the world can never fucking take that away from you




LOL remember tahno???

me neither



(( day three )) favorite female character - suki

“Look, I know you’re just trying to help, but I can take care of myself.”



names to call tonraq

  • dadraq
  • popsraq
  • poprocks
  • chiefdad
  • tumblr daddy domraq
  • daddaraq
  • tonrocky balboa
  • unalaq: beta version
  • the tonfather
  • aaay papi

this is because I insulted your parenting isn’t it

"She wouldn’t give up."

don’t be ridiculous.